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Yanagisawa B-991 Professional Baritone Saxophone


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Brand New Yanagisawa B-991 Saxophone for sale


Yanagisawa B-991 Professional Baritone Saxophone

Like all Yanagisawa saxophones, the B-991 is designed and crafted with the utmost of care, imparting to the instrument an evenness of tone and rich, vibrant response in all registers and at all dynamic levels. The B-991 possesses a refinement of tone uncommon among baritones, yet its strength and projection provide a rock-solid foundation for quartet and section work. Numerous keywork improvements places this with the B-9930 as the most mechanically superior baritone saxophone in the world.

Bell: Hand Engraved Lacquered Brass
Body / Neck: Lacquered
Mechanism: High F# key, Contoured Palm Keys, Double-Action Table Keys, Double-Arm Low B and C Keys, Rib-Mounted Upper and Lower Stack Posts

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