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ProAc Response D1 Loudspeaker


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ProAc Response D1 Loudspeaker for sale


ProAc Response D1 Loudspeaker

The D1 is the replacement for the highly-regarded Response 1SC. On this new model, high tech improvements have been made to the cabinet, bass driver, and crossover network.

The cabinet baffle is slimmer to aid dispersion, and now has a special damping material making the cabinet very heavy and inert. The all-new bass driver is now on a ProAc chassis, this has a raised spider and similar cone material to the D2. It also features the EXCEL magnet system and a new acrylic damping phase plug. Further improvements have been made to the crossover network. The results are a punchier bass, richer more open midrange, with sweet and detailed high frequencies. The D1 is also 1.5 dB more efficient than the 1SC making it easier to drive for those who have amplifiers with a lower output../P>


  • New Proac bass driver with acrylic phase plug
  • 19mm fabric dome tweeter
  • Big sound from a small box
  • High-grade crossover components

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ProAc Response D1

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