ESOTERIC F-07 Integrated Amplifier


Brand New ESOTERIC F-07 Integrated Amplifier with International Warranty


ESOTERIC F-07 Integrated Amplifier

There's no substitute for being in the moment when the thwack of a bass drum serves as a lightning-bolt-out-of-the-blue shockwave, a power chord registers deep in your chest, or the swelling crescendo of a string section brings an orchestral arrangement to a ravishing climax. Reproducing such all-encompassing musical presence with breathtaking effortlessness, balance, and richness is the Esoteric F-07 integrated amplifier's primary purpose. Handmade in Japan and crafted to perfectionist standards, the 170Wpc F-07 prizes texture, warmth, and naturalism. A fully balanced preamplifier section, balanced power-amplifier input stage, dual-mono configuration through all stages, an extremely low signal path, exclusive Quad Volume Control System, and super-low-noise logic control contribute to the faithful, clean, wide-range sound. Consider the onboard MM/MC phono preamplifier, audiophile-grade headphone amplifier, and two-band tone controls rewards for making such a wise investment. A three-year parts-and-labor warranty

Dual-Mono Construction Means Left and Right Channel Independence, Premium Separation
The design feature of F-07 that most clearly reflects its Grandioso peer relates to its dual-monaural configuration, which maintains complete left and right channel independence through all stages, from preamplifier to the power amplifier's final stage. The major investments made in circuit construction expertise and materials developed over the years yield excellent channel separation and a measure of sound quality that transcends the class.

Esoteric QVCS: Proprietary Quad Volume Control System and Logic Control
Esoteric's proprietary Quad Volume Control System (QVCS) incorporates four precision-switched resistor ladder networks operating in unison to electronically and independently control the left and right channels and their positive and negative phases. This system helps maintain superb audio clarity, excellent channel separation, and highly accurate phase characteristics. And by eliminating all volume control wiring on the audio board, the shorter signal path minimizes deterioration of sound quality while realizing exceptionally low distortion. Furthermore, as a countermeasure against noise, all control lines are electronically separated from the main body of the preamplifier with the use of isolator elements integrated into the front panel.

Large-Capacity Custom Power Transformer
F-07's power supplies feature large-core 633VA custom EI power transformers and 40,000µF block capacitors for each channel in a dual-monaural configuration. Large-gauge cable is used in all connections to help minimize impedance. This outstanding power section achieves a theoretically linear power output ranging from 100W at an 8Ω load to 170W at 4Ω for faithful reproduction.

Two-Band Tone Control (Treble/Bass)
Consisting of four circuits (L/R, -/+) for each band. This system enables users to adjust tone settings free of any concerns about sound-quality deterioration. Shifting the variable band more than usual toward the high- and low-frequency ranges (14kHz/63Hz) permits fine adjustment of bass and treble without adversely affecting the original signal. Fully electronic control also permits fine adjustment of up to ±12dB in 0.5dB steps.

Low Impedance for Enhanced Drive Capability
Utilizing eight 1mm-thick bus bars comprised of high-purity OFC, the speaker output section employs MOSFET switching with no mechanical contacts. Coils are eliminated from the output stage to minimize impedance and enhance drive capability.

High-Precision Ball Bearing Control Knobs
Employing the same high-precision bearing mechanisms used in our Grandioso components, F-07's volume control knobs and selector switches provide exceptionally smooth operation with an analog feel free of any mechanical play. All panel knobs are custom-machined from solid aluminum.

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