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MIT Matrix 38 HD Bi-Wire Speaker Cable


($1,700.00 Pair)

Brand New MIT Matrix 38 HD Bi-Wire Speaker Cable for sale


MIT Matrix 38 HD Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

Matrix HD 38 Bi-Wired Speaker Interfaces
The Matrix High Definition 38 Speaker Interface comes to play with 40 poles of articulation, drastically outperforming everything else in its so-called class.

Improving over its predecessor, the AVt® MA, you’ll hear:
• more defined three-dimensional soundstage
• better low level and micro imaging
• authoritative and controlled bass
• crystal clear mids and highs 

MIT Bi-Wire technology delivers:
1. increased dynamic range extended bass with increased bass weight, resolution and clarity.
2. better resolution of fine musical details, accurate soundstaging and imaging.
3. greater transparency across the audible range 

Includes MIT's patented CVT® Coupler, which eliminates reflected energy. 

Comes terminated with the iconn™ pin-based connector system. The iconn system gives you the choice of either banana or spade connectors (included) for your cable terminations.

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Matrix 38 HD Bi-Wire